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Machinist - M of W

Job ID: 3461
Business Unit: Metro-North Railroad
Location: New York, NY, United States
Regular/Temporary: Regular
Department: System Equipment Repair
Date Posted: Jan 10, 2024






POSTING NO.:                   3461

JOB TITLE:                         M of W Machinist- GCT

DEPT/DIV:              M of W

LOCATION:        Manhattan - Midtown

Full/Part Time:             Full-Time

Application Deadline:       Open until filled

Metro-North Railroad reserves the right to remove this posting prior to the Application Deadline.


MTA Metro-North Railroad is a dynamic organization, operating out of the jewel of New York City, Grand Central Terminal.  We provide service to over 86.5 million customers, traveling in and out of New York and Connecticut.  A subsidiary of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, Metro-North Railroad is one of the busiest commuter railroad in the nation.  MTA Metro-North Railroad strives to provide a safe and reliable commute, excellent customer service and rewarding opportunities to its employees.



MACHINISTS perform preventative maintenance and repairs on Heating Venting and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems, sump pump and mechanical fan system components and fabricate parts and components for use in Grand Central Terminal (GCT) mechanical systems


  • Calculate dimensions or tolerances, using instruments such as micrometers, Vernier calipers, gauges, tape measure, etc.
  • Measure materials to mark reference points, cutting lines and other indicators
  • Set up, adjust and operate basic and specialized machine tools used to perform precision machining operations
  • Mount attachments or tools onto production equipment
  • Align and secure holding fixtures, cutting tools, attachments, accessories and materials onto machines
  • Measure, review and test completed units to check for defects and ensure conformance to specifications, using precision instruments, such as micrometers
  • Operate equipment (e.g., milling machines, drill presses, grinders, etc.) to fabricate machine parts, components and tools from steel stock to desired specifications
  • Monitor equipment during the machining process to ensure proper functionality, verify operational efficiency and diagnose malfunctions
  • Inspect work pieces to ensure they are properly lubricated or cooled
  • Maintain machine tools in proper operational condition
  • Install and remove electric motors, pumps, compressors, HVAC units, bearings, shafts, pulleys, blower wheels, etc.
  • Troubleshoot, diagnose and repair malfunctions with pump, Alternating Current (AC) motors, and bearings
  • Repair and maintain mechanical components on sump pumps and motorized carts/trucks used in GCT
  • Other duties as assigned




  • Must have High School Diploma or General Equivalency Diploma AND
  • Vocational or apprentice training as a Machinist or Mechanic working with motors, bearings, pulleys, etc. OR
  • Two (2) years of experience as a Mechanic (e.g., Pump Mechanic, Building Maintenance Mechanic, Automotive Mechanic, etc.) working on sump pumps, Alternating Current (AC) motors and/or fan systems


  • Machine shop experience
  • FDNY Certificate of Fitness to Operate and Maintain Air Compressors (A-35)
  • FDNY Certificate of Fitness for Citywide Fire Guard for Torch Operation and Construction Site(F-60)
  • Valid NYS motor vehicle driver license or equivalent
  • Some college credits
  • Experience working in a position with significant responsibility


  • Ability to perform basic mathematical calculations; reading comprehension ability; interpersonal skills; customer service oriented; skilled in exercising independent judgment; ability to anticipate and analyze problems and take corrective actions; must be able to evaluate a situation to make decisions and work under pressure; written and verbal communication skills; ability to multi-task; must be able to function effectively under changing priorities; must be safety conscious
  • Mechanical aptitude; working knowledge of sump pumps, AC motors, fan systems; familiarity working with compressed air; troubleshooting skills; familiarity with operating Machinist equipment (e.g., milling machines, drill presses, grinders, etc.); ability to prepare milling machine for one-piece set-ups


  • Must complete Metro-North respirator training and certification within 30 days of hire/transfer
  • Must complete Metro-North lead abatement training within 30 days of hire/transfer
  • Must possess FDNY Certificate of Fitness to Operate and Maintain Air Compressors (A-35) within 60 days of hire/transfer
  • Must possess FDNY Certificate of Fitness for Citywide Fire Guard for Torch Operation and Construction Site(F-60) within 60 days of hire/transfer
  • Must provide appropriate hand tools for job


Rate of Pay

The starting rate for this position is $28.10 per hour. The annual wage progression scale is as follows: Years 1&2= $28.10; Year 3=$30.11; Year 4=$32.11; Years 5&6=$34.12; Year 7=$36.13; Year 8=$40.14.  This rate is set by the collective bargaining agreement and is non-negotiable.

Credit toward the wage progression shall be granted with satisfactory documented proof of:

  1. Prior experience as a mechanic;
  2. A minimum of 12 credits of college coursework relevant to working as a machinist with a passing grade of C or higher;
  3. A minimum of 6 months of full-time enrollment in a state-approved mechanical trade school program;
  4. Prior experience as a mechanic on another railroad.

Applicants hired with four (4) or more years of documented mechanic experience (non-railroad) shall be paid as follows:  Years 1=$32.11; Years 2&3=$34.12; Year 4=$36.13 Year 5=$40.14. 

In addition, applicants hired with seven (7) or more years of mechanic experience on another railroad shall be paid an hourly rate of $40.14.

MNR Health Insurance & Vacat

As a full-time employee, you are eligible for the following health and welfare benefits.

Our benefits program provides flexibility, protection, and value through:

  • Health care benefits, including medical, dental, and vision plans
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Welfare Benefits, including basic and optional life, dependent life, basic and optional Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance
  • Disability benefits
  • Flexible Spending Accounts, including a Health Care Account and Dependent Care Account
  • Retirement benefits, including a retirement plan, 401(k) and 457 savings plans




Applicants will establish seniority in the International Association of Machinist and Aerospace Workers (IAM), the union representing Machinists, in accordance with the union's current collective bargaining agreement.

Members of IAM are subject to an initiation fee and monthly union dues.


Ability to work various hours, days, and shifts in Grand Central Terminal as well as other various locations, as required.


Selection Criteria

Due to the competitive nature of the selection process, not all qualified candidates who meet the minimum requirements for the position are guaranteed an interview. To be selected for a position, one must meet the following criteria: (1) satisfy the minimum requirements listed in the job posting, (2) if applicable, successfully pass a written and practical exam, (3) satisfy a background investigation (including but not limited to, employment, education, and criminal history), and (4) pass a verbal interview. Metro-North may also require the applicant to undergo a physical ability test, and, if the Company extends a conditional offer, may require him or her to undergo a medical examination, which may include toxicological testing. Failure to pass any step within the hiring process will result in the disqualification of your application.

Additional Criteria for Current Employees: Current Metro-North employees must be in active service to be eligible for consideration. Agreement Employees applying for a position outside of their present craft are required to have worked in your current union for at least one (1) year preceding the Application Deadline to be eligible to apply for a posted position, and have completed the agreed upon formal training commitment, including on-the-job training or lock-in requirement, if applicable (for example: Signal Trainee, Foreman-In-Training, etc.). If you are transferring to another craft, you may be required to forfeit your seniority in your present union. Non-agreement employees must have worked in your current position for a minimum of one (1) year preceding the Application Deadline. Along with a background investigation (including but not limited to, employment, education, and criminal history), employees are also subject to an internal investigation, which includes an evaluation not limited to discipline records and performance assessments.

We offer a competitive salary and a comprehensive benefits package. If interested, please apply online at






This is a federally regulated position subject to both pre-employment and continuous random toxicological screening.

As an employee of Metro-North Railroad you may be required to complete a New York State financial disclosure statement, if you earn more than $108,638.00 or if you hold a position designated as a policy maker.

Employees driving company vehicles must complete defensive driver training once every three years for current MNR drivers; or within 180 days of hire or transfer for an employee entering an authorized driving position. 


  • Ability to regularly lift/carry/push/pull tools, material and equipment weighing up to 35 lbs. (e.g., tool bags/carts, ladders, etc.) and occasionally weighing up to 65 lbs. (e.g., electric motors, compact cooling unites, compressors, etc.).
  • Ability to climb onto ladders, scaffolding, lifts to inspect, install and repair HVAC equipment.
  • Ability to walk on uneven surfaces while navigating tracks and yard to access air conditioned signal houses and other facilities located on or about the right of way.
  • Color vision required to identify and distinguish colored wires and equipment.


  • Must be able to work various days and shifts.
  • Occasionally works outside exposed to all weather elements (e.g., extreme hot and cold temperatures, rain, snow, etc.).
  • Works around moving machinery (e.g., elevators, equipment, etc.).
  • Must be able to work at heights up to 50 ft. from the ground when inspecting cooling towers.
  • Works primarily with others, but must also be able to work independently.





Qualified applicants can submit an online application by clicking on the 'APPLY NOW' button from either the CAREERS page or from the JOB DESCRIPTION page.

If you have previously applied on line for other positions, enter your User Name and Password.  If it is your first registration, click on the CLICK HERE TO REGISTER hyperlink and enter a User Name and Password; then click on the REGISTER button.

When applying for positions, please ensure that you attach a resume during the application process and that you receive a confirmation e-mail that your application was accepted.  If you do not receive an email confirmation, your application may not have been received and will not be able to be considered after the deadline date.  If you encounter problems, please call the BSC Customer Management Center at (646) 376-0123 Monday through Friday (except MTA-HQ holidays), 8:30am - 5:00pm.


MTA and its subsidiary and affiliated agencies are Equal Opportunity Employers, including with respect to veteran status and individuals with disabilities.

The MTA encourages qualified applicants from diverse backgrounds, experiences, and abilities, including military service members, to apply.


MTA is an Equal Opportunity Employer.




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