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Senior Manager Internship, Mentoring and Fellowship Programs

Job ID: 199
Business Unit: MTA Headquarters
Location: New York, NY, United States
Regular/Temporary: Regular
Department: Office of Org Design & Devel
Date Posted: Dec 21, 2023


JOB TITLE: Senior Manager Internship, Mentoring and Fellowship Programs
SALARY RANGE: $82,337 – 108,067
DEPT/DIV: Organizational Design and Development
SUPERVISOR: Deputy Chief, Organizational Design and Development
LOCATION: 2 Broadway, New York, NY 10004
HOURS OF WORK: 9:00 am - 5:30 pm (7 1/2 hours/day)
DEADLINE: Open until filled

This position is eligible for telework which is currently one day per week. New hires are eligible to
apply 30 days after their effective date of hire.

The Senior Manager Internship, Mentoring and Fellowship Programs will spearhead, take on the life cycle ownership, and manage highly impactful and highly visible programs. The senior manager will
lead the following programs, the agency’s College Aides/Internship program, the Summer Youth
Employment Program (SYEP)/High School and Young Adult Internship programs, and the Mentorship

Within College Aides/Internship program, he/she/they will oversee the Onboarding, Offboarding,
Timekeeping, and Program Engagement and Management functions. While functions within the
SYEP/High School and Young Adult Internship programs, will require the selected personnel to charge
the Onboarding and Program Management business processes. Finally, the senior manager will lead
both the Program Management and Engagement core functions within MTA’s Mentorship Program.

Measuring program success, will track indicators such as recruitment efforts, number of interested
candidates, selected candidates, program participant commitment, participation in professional
development and but not limited to, on the job training outcomes. Consistent internal and external
partnerships will be key for the success of these programs. Communications with high school and
college/university officials, parental/guardianship, technical Subject Matter Experts, MTA
superintendents and managers will all need to be maintained and consistently fostered.


  • College Aides/Internship Programs:
    Offboarding tasks will include, preparing Termination PARs for exiting students, collecting
    passes for exiting students and distributing pass receipts and conducting program Exit
  • Complete the lost pass application for students who may have lost their passes or have gotten
    them stolen. Notarize lost pass applications for students/employees (ODD possess an on-site
  • Provide Employment Verification Letters/Fulfill Employment Verification requests in whatever
    form they’re submitted (Letters, Online Forms, Over the Phone, etc.). Additionally, provide
    supporting documentation from student files for Unemployment Insurance requests.
  • Provide Orientation for Students (topics covered: Program Guidelines, Goal Setting, Pass Usage,
    Timekeeping Instructions) and act as the lead creator and facilitator of workshops, focusing on
    topics such as, vision boarding/goal setting, personal branding, LinkedIn profile setup,

Navigating the Civil Service Process and resume writing, just to name a few.

  • Audit time sheets for all College Aides/Interns to ensure that students are working within
    program guidelines. And for timekeeping literacy, show students how to get W-2s by using
    online self-service systems.
  • Program Management tasks will include the completion of host agreements between (MTA)
    Transit and the Department of Education (DOE) for all high school programs. Work with work based learning coordinators of various schools to provide work-based learning experiences for
    students, as well as Managing and administering all high school and DOE sponsored programs.
  • Prepare project books, along with Google Forms to solicit projects. Thereafter, assign accepted
    students to available projects, create an Excel Database of all projects (for tracking purposes),
    and match selected students (participants) to projects based upon interview responses and
    available projects.
  • Create an Excel Database of all Hiring Managers (and their alternates), prepare work assignment
    letters for all accepted students, conduct Orientation for all accepted participants and participate on Advisory Boards for CityPoly and Transit Tech High School (2 high schools).
  • During the Onboarding stage, take photos for pass applications and submit all accepted students
    pass applications to security.
  • Respond to external requests for work site tour requests and job shadowing days, as well as
    external requests to participate in various professional development workshops such as
    collegiate resume writing workshops and interview etiquette workshops.


  • Generate a database query of the mentor population (and based on outlined criteria) to determine the population and agency leadership to solicit. Generate a database query of the mentee population (and based on outlined criteria) to determine the population and individuals to solicit for Letter of Intent.
  • Create a detailed database which highlights the following indicators.
    Name New Program Facilitator & List in Program
    2. Name New Matching Committee & List in Program Guide
  • Draft the program memo (and ensure memo is sent in a timely fashion), send draft to Chief of
    Staff and ODD’s Deputy Chief for finalization before sending the final memo draft to the
    President’s office for presidential program announcement. Ensure to update the program
    summary (which will go as an attachment to the President's Memo).
  • Update the program guide with full roll out updates (and include details regarding how mentors
    will be identified), update and circulate the training manual, along with the circulation of the
    facilitator guide to ensure that the finalized number of pairs are identified on time.

Ensure the following Mentor indicators have been met:
1. The final comments for both the training manual and the facilitator guide have been
2. Quotes from Vendor(s) are received
3. Payment for licensing fees has been received in order to utilize the Mentoring Complete
4. Review platform questions to ensure questions reflect program needs
5. Ensure work locations have been entered into the platform
6. Send email invitations to target population of mentors
7. Obtain recommendations from mentors
8. Create and distribute the Manager's Communication guide for Mentors and Mentees
9. Set due date for ‘Letter of Intent’ distribution

  • Ensure the following Mentee indicators have been met:
    Distribute e-invitation to the identified population of mentees.
    2. Draft a program article to share with the Communications department.
    3. Create and design program flyers.
    4. List program announcement on various internal platforms such as MTA Today, Going
    Places, Tens and Enterprise.
    5. Complete review and update of all system emails.


Apprentice Program Sourcing:

  • Receive applications for all participants, qualify the applicants and create a database of qualified
    apprentices for additional screening.
  • Arrange second round meet and greet with qualified apprentices and perspective departments for
    final selections.
  • Establish an applicant pool for selected apprentices to get processed in Employment Center. Work closely with departments until final Start to Work Date.

General Program additional duties:

  • Develop and deliver presentations, marketing visual and quarterly newsletters and/or infographs
    to promote and highlight program progress.
  • Serve as the first point of contact for any non-learning challenges (such as poor attendance,
    special learning needs and/or any other challenges that may impact participation).
  • Monitor program operations and recommend possible changes to program practices that will improve participant experience and outcomes.
  • Conduct Prescreening interviews for all non-College Aide student programs. (300-600 annually)
  • Timekeeping and Payroll
  • Provide consistent program progress by drafting progress reports to the Deputy Chief of
    Organizational Design and Development and the Director of Employee Engagement and Retention.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Education and Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent education and work experience.
  • Minimum of seven (7) years of experience in program oversight and/or workforce development.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication. Along with strong relationship building skills that
    include the ability to work well with external stakeholders and various internal stakeholders throughout the entire MTA network.
  • Demonstrated proficiency in the use of Microsoft Office platforms and database systems that
    require the ability to create professional documents, detailed reports, and professional presentations.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, proactive and creative problem skills.


  • Master’s degree in a related field.
  • A passion for working with young adults, an unshakable belief in their potential and a strong commitment to ODD’s departmental mission.


As an employee of MTA Headquarters, you may be required to complete an annual financial disclosure statement with the State of New York, if your position earns more than $108,638 (this figure is subject to change) per year or if the position is designated as a policy maker.



MTA employees must apply via My MTA Portal. You can submit an online application by logging into My MTA Portal, clicking the My Job Search ribbon, and selecting the “Careers” link.

Logging in through My MTA Portal will link your BSC ID number to your job application to identify you as an internal applicant.


Equal Employment Opportunity

MTA and its subsidiary and affiliated agencies are Equal Opportunity Employers, including with respect to veteran status and individuals with disabilities.

The MTA encourages qualified applicants from diverse backgrounds, experiences, and abilities, including military service members, to apply.

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